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A real-time visual space simulation

Celestia is a free 3D astronomy program. Based on the Hipparcos Catalogue, it allows users to display objects ranging in scale from artificial satellites to entire galaxies in three dimensions using OpenGL. Unlike most planetarium software, the user is free to travel about the Universe.

This is a dummy package that selects at least one frontend for Celestia.

Package version:1.6.0+dfsg-2


celestia (1.6.0+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Apply patch from Alessio Tregliam dropping aRTs support. Closes: #563664
  * Apply patch from Alessio Tregliam fixing the celestia-glut desktop file.
    Closes: #563665
  * Apply patch from Emilio Pozuelo Monfort removing unnecessary
    Build-Dependency on libgnomeuimm-2.6-dev. Closes: #568803
  * Add Norwegian Bokmål translation from Bjørn St


Celestia Revision History

* Initial public release

* Added more realistic and aesthetically pleasing ring illumination function
* Made planets project shadows onto their rings (requires multitexturing)
* Detect and use ARB_multitexture extension
* Some configuration parameters now read from a file
* Support for multiple solar system catalog files
* Split sola


This package was debianized by Mika Fischer <> on
Thu,  3 Jul 2003 03:34:03 +0200.

The current Debian maintainer is Guus Sliepen <>.

It was downloaded from

Upstream Authors: 
    Chris Laurel <>
    Clint Weisbrod <>
    Fridger Schrempp <>
    Bob Ippolito <

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Download celestia_1.6.0+dfsg-2_all.deb

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