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data files for the EMBOSS package

This package includes data files needed by EMBOSS, the European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite.
Package version:6.1.0-5


application: newseq [
  documentation: "Create a sequence file from a typed-in sequence"
  groups: "Edit"

section: input [
  information: "Input section"
  type: "page"

  string: name [
    parameter: "Y"
    information: "Name of the sequence"
    help: "The name of of the sequence should be a single word that
           you will use to identify the sequence. It should have no (or few)


emboss (6.1.0-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * The source package is now managed with Git (debian/control).
    - VCS URLs updated in debian/control.
  * debian/changelog: corrected an error on a progam name (vectorstrip).
  * debian/patches/transient-vectorstrip.patch: keep quality scores.
  * Two new patches not yet officialised:
    - debian/patches/transient-vectorstrip.patch: retain quality scor


Version 6.1.0
	A new data structure AjPSeqXref holds details of cross-references
	between a sequence object and any other data resource. The
	cross-reference attributes include a type to indicate the source
	of the cross-reference, for example XREF_DR for a reference in a
	DR line from EMBL or Swiss-Prot. The other attributes are the
	database name and up to 4 identifiers (as in the Swiss-Prot DR



The EMBOSS package for Debian was initially prepared by Matt Hope
( in 2002-2004 an

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