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standard data for the Swiss Ephemeris

all of the standard data, i.e. the usual .se1 files, for the Swiss Ephemeris. All of the .se1 files located here:*.se1 are in the package. This data can be used with the Swiss Ephemeris library, libswe0. This package uses 36 meg. It contains 54 .se1 files. Installed in /usr/share/libswe/ephe/ The Swiss Ephemeris library has been patched so that it looks to this location by default.
Package version:00004-1


swe-standard-data for Debian

The data files are installed at /usr/share/libswe/ephe
libswe has been modified to look here as its default location,
because the upstream location "/users/ephe" won't work
as most regular distro don't have a /users root directory.

 -- Paul Elliott <>  Tue, 16 Aug 2011 11:19:16 -0500


the swe-standard-data package installes the standard files, i.e. the
.se1 files in /usr/share/libswe/ephe
This is all the data a typical Swiss Ephemeris users would want.
This package installs it all rather than burden the user with
thinking about what data he wants. disk space has become cheap.

Low memory users may want a subset of this data.
They can either install the data they want themselve


the swe-standard-data package installes the standard files, i.e. the
.se1 files in /usr/share/libswe/ephe

README.TXT   24-Dec-1998 by Alois Treindl
	     last update 25-feb-2010

This directory contains the binary ephemeris files of SWISS EPHEMERIS.



swe-standard-data (00004-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * changes location fil


Dieter Koch and Alois Treindl of Astrodienst AG, Switzerland are the autors
of Swiss Ephemeris and i


All the Swiss Ephemeris files, (*.se1), are copyright Dieter Koch and
Alois Treindl and are licensed

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