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powerful TeX format

ConTeXt is a document-production system based, like LaTeX, on the TeX typesetting system. Whereas LaTeX insulates the writer from typographical details, ConTeXt takes a complementary approach by providing structured interfaces for handling typography, including extensive support for colors, backgrounds, hyperlinks, presentations, figure-text integration, and conditional compilation. It gives the user extensive control over formatting while making it easy to create new layouts and styles without learning the TeX macro language. ConTeXt's unified design averts the package clashes that can happen with LaTeX.

ConTeXt also integrates MetaFun, a superset of MetaPost and a powerful system for vector graphics. MetaFun can be used as a stand-alone system to produce figures, but its strength lies in enhancing ConTeXt documents with accurate graphic elements.

ConTeXt allows the users to specify formatting commands in English, Dutch, German, French, or Italian, and to use different typesetting engines (PDFTeX, XeTeX, Aleph, and soon LuaTeX) without changing the user interface. ConTeXt is developed rapidly, often in response to requests from the friendly user community.

Package version:2008.05.21-1


README for using ConTeXt on Debian

1. non free content

Most of the ConTeXt documentation is distributed only in pdf format, which 
will be made available together with fonts which are not DFSG compatible
in the 

2. generation of documentation

The documentation and examples for variou



Mark IV is the name of the LuaTeX-aware part of ConTeXt; that is, when you
use ConTeXt over the LuaTeX engine instead of PDFTeX or XeTeX. You run it
with texexec --lua.

Currently the integration of Mark IV into Debian is not completely done,
especially because the details are currently worked out (see the dev-context
mailing list).

If you want to start using Mark IV 


                               BNF Module README


  The t-bnf module implements a way to easily write BNF grammars in CONTEXT.
  Let's look at an example BNF grammar in a document:


  Here's a \BNF\ grammar.  Enjoy. 

    {A test of the \BNF\ module}
      <S>: a<S>b
      <S>: $\epsilon$


Name of module:	Math Sets for ConTeXt
Author:	Aditya Mahajan

Description: This is a partial port


Name of module:	ViM syntax highlighting
Author:	Aditya Mahajan and Mojca Miklavec

Description:	C


Put your lucida afm files here! 


Put your lucida pfb files here! 


                                BNF Module News


  Nothing more than a clean-up of 

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