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extraction of elements from LaTeX documents as graphics

The purpose of preview is the extraction of selected elements from a LaTeX source, like formulas or graphics, into separate pages of a DVI file. A flexible and convenient interface allows it to specify what commands and constructs should be extracted. This works with DVI files postprocessed by either Dvips and Ghostscript or dvipng, but it also works when using PDFTeX for generating PDF files.

Currently, preview.sty is used by preview-latex, the WYSIWYG component of the AUCTeX editing environment; for generation of previews in LyX; as part of the operation of the ps4pdf and pst-pdf LaTeX packages; by the tbook XML system and some other tools.

Package version:11.83-7.3


The Debian package preview-latex-style

There are no special Debian notes for this package.

-- Davide G. M. Salvetti <>, Sun Dec  7 15:19:09 2008.


The preview.sty style file:

This style file is part of the AUCTeX project with home page
<URL:>.  The project page at
<URL:> offers downloads and
anonymous CVS access for cutting edge versions.  It is part of
AUCTeX's preview-latex module: since AUCTeX's download area at
<URL:> is mirrored at



2004-04-12  David Kastrup  <>

	* Release 0.8.1

	* preview.el (preview-dump-replacements): Use regexp not
	triggering bugs in older Emacsen.
	(preview-dump-replacements): Same here.

	* RELEASE,, doc/preview-latex.texi: Adapt to 0.8.1

	* preview-latex.spec: xemacspkgdir has changed in recent XEmacs
	releases for Redhat.

	* prv-xemacs.el (preview-mode-setu


2006-05-25  David Kastrup  <>

	* latex/preview.dtx: Add another fix for XyMTeX (which go


auctex (11.83-7.3) unstable; urgency=high

  * Non-maintainer upload
    - High priority since it fi


This is the Debian package auctex, maintained by

  Davide G. M. Salvetti <>


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