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TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs

Various useful, but non-essential, support programs. Includes programs and macros for DVI file manipulation, literate programming, patgen, and the TeX Works Editor.

This package includes the following CTAN packages: a2ping -- Advanced PS, PDF, EPS converter. bibtex8 -- A fully 8-bit adaptation of BibTeX 0.99. bibtexu -- bundledoc -- Bundle together all the files needed to build a LaTeX document. ctanify -- Prepare a package for upload to CTAN. ctanupload -- Support for users uploading to CTAN. ctie -- C version of tie (merging Web change files). cweb -- A Web system in C. de-macro -- Expand private macros in a document. detex -- Strip TeX from a source file. dtl -- Tools to dis-assemble and re-assemble DVI files. dvi2tty -- Produce ASCII from DVI. dviasm -- A utility for editing DVI files. dvicopy -- Copy DVI files, flattening VFs. dviljk -- DVI to Laserjet output. dvipos -- dvisvgm -- Converts DVI files to Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG). findhyph -- Find hyphenated words in a document. hyphenex -- Generate a hyphenation exceptions file. installfont -- A bash script for installing a LaTeX font family. latex2man -- Translate LaTeX-based manual pages into Unix man format. latexfileversion -- Prints the version and date of a LaTeX class or style file. listings-ext -- Automated input of source. match_parens -- Easily detect mismatched parens. mkjobtexmf -- Generate a texmf tree for a particular job. patgen -- Generate hyphenation patterns. pdfcrop -- Crop PDF graphics. pdfjam -- Shell scripts interfacing to pdfpages. pdftools -- PDF-related utilities, including PostScript-to-PDF conversion pkfix -- Replace pk fonts in PostScript with Type 1 fonts. pkfix-helper -- Make PostScript files accessible to pkfix. seetexk -- Utilities for manipulating DVI files. sty2dtx -- Create a .dtx file from a .sty file. synctex -- texcount -- Count words in a LaTeX document. texdef -- Display the definitions of TeX commands. texdiff -- Compare documents and produce tagged merge. texdirflatten -- Collect files related to a LaTeX job in a single directory. texliveonfly -- On-the-fly download of missing TeX live packages. texloganalyser -- Analyse TeX logs. texware -- Utility programs for use with TeX. tie -- Allow multiple web change files. tpic2pdftex -- Use tpic commands in PDFTeX. typeoutfileinfo -- Display class/package/file information. web -- original web programs tangle and weave

Package version:2012.20120611-2


README TeX live for Debian

First of all, if you need help with TeX on Debian, ie with respect to 
file placement, configuration options, etc, please see the document
in the tex-common package, which can be found in 
in the pdf, txt, and html format.

This file contains additional information specific to TeX live.




Packaging TeX Live for Debian is a huge task. Development is done in
a very specific layout and source packages are generated from that.

If you want to know how the *orig.tar.gz* and the *source* packages are 
generated, please check out the Debian TeX Live packaging infrastructure at
where you will find a RE


README for mkjobtexmf 2011/11/10 v0.8

Copyright 2007, 2008, 2011 by Heiko Oberdiek

The file is part of project mkjobtexmf.
It's free software; you may redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself
(Perl Artistic License/GNU General Public License, version 2).

* Perl

The source of the documentation is e


# $Revision: 60 $
The LaTeX package "listings-ext.dtx" contains some macros and a supporting


       # Bundle all the files neede


              |                CTANIFY      


ctanupload script
This Perl script allows the uploads of a contribution to CTAN fr


Copyright 2005 Peter Gacs
Licensed under the Academic Free Licence version 2.1


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