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TeX Live: Typesetting for natural and computer sciences

Typesetting for natural and computer sciences

This package includes the following CTAN packages: SIstyle -- Package to typeset SI units, numbers and angles. SIunits -- International System of Units. alg -- LaTeX environments for typesetting algorithms. algorithm2e -- Floating algorithm environment with algorithmic keywords. algorithmicx -- The algorithmic style you always wanted. algorithms -- A suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code. biocon -- Typesetting biological species names bpchem -- Typeset chemical names, formulae, etc. bytefield -- Create illustrations for network protocol specifications. chemarrow -- Arrows for use in chemistry. chemcompounds -- Simple consecutive numbering of chemical compounds. chemcono -- Support for compound numbers in chemistry documents. chemexec -- Creating (chemical) exercise sheets. chemmacros -- A collection of macros to support typesetting chemistry documents. chemnum -- A method of numbering chemical compounds. chemstyle -- Writing chemistry with style. clrscode -- Typesets pseudocode as in Introduction to Algorithms. complexity -- Computational complexity class names. computational-complexity -- digiconfigs -- Writing "configurations" drawstack -- Draw execution stacks. dyntree -- Construct Dynkin tree diagrams. eltex -- Simple circuit diagrams in LaTeX picture mode. engtlc -- Support for users in Telecommunications Engineering. fouridx -- Left sub- and superscripts in maths mode. functan -- Macros for functional analysis and PDE theory galois -- Typeset Galois connections. gastex -- Graphs and Automata Simplified in TeX. gene-logic -- Typeset logic formulae, etc. gu -- Typeset crystallographic group-subgroup-schemes. hep -- A "convenience wrapper" for High Energy Physics packages. hepnames -- Pre-defined high energy particle names. hepparticles -- Macros for typesetting high energy physics particle names. hepthesis -- A class for academic reports, especially PhD theses. hepunits -- A set of units useful in high energy physics applications. karnaugh -- Typeset Karnaugh-Veitch-maps. mhchem -- Typeset chemical formulae/equations and Risk and Safety phrases. miller -- Typeset miller indices. mychemistry -- Create reaction schemes with LaTeX and ChemFig. nuc -- Notation for nuclear isotopes. objectz -- Macros for typesetting Object Z. physymb -- Assorted macros for Physicists. pseudocode -- LaTeX environment for specifying algorithms in a natural way. sasnrdisplay -- Typeset SAS or R code or output. sciposter -- Make posters of ISO A3 size and larger. sfg -- Draw signal flow graphs. siunitx -- A comprehensive (SI) units package. steinmetz -- Print Steinmetz notation. struktex -- Draw Nassi-Schneidermann charts t-angles -- Draw tangles, trees, Hopf algebra operations and other pictures. textopo -- Annotated membrane protein topology plots. ulqda -- Support of Qualitative Data Analysis. unitsdef -- Typesetting units in LaTeX. youngtab -- Typeset Young-Tableaux.

Package version:2012.20120611-2


README TeX live for Debian

First of all, if you need help with TeX on Debian, ie with respect to 
file placement, configuration options, etc, please see the document
in the tex-common package, which can be found in 
in the pdf, txt, and html format.

This file contains additional information specific to TeX live.




Packaging TeX Live for Debian is a huge task. Development is done in
a very specific layout and source packages are generated from that.

If you want to know how the *orig.tar.gz* and the *source* packages are 
generated, please check out the Debian TeX Live packaging infrastructure at
where you will find a RE


texlive-extra (2012.20120611-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * fix broken mf2pt1 info file that triggered broken info/dir file
    under certain circumstances (Closes: #683201)

 -- Norbert Preining <>  Mon, 30 Jul 2012 11:08:33 +0900

texlive-extra (2012.20120611-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * new upstream checkout (TL2012 release)

 -- Norbert Preining <>  Mon, 1


Licenses for source package texlive-extra

12many: lppl


Copyright information for the texlive bundle

Table of contents:

1. Copyright and License of the de

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