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An Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents

PSGML is a major mode for the editor Emacs used for editing SGML documents. It contains a simple SGML parser and can work with any DTD. (The most popular nowadays are the HTML DTDs. This package turns your emacs into the one of most powerful HTML editors and will be ultimately flexible as well, since you could upgrade your editor by just installing new DTDs). Functions provided includes menus and commands for inserting tags with only the contextually valid tags, identification of structural errors, editing of attribute values in a separate window with information about types and defaults, and structure based editing.

Since psgml parses the DTD to allow you to edit SGML documents, you do need to have the DTDs installed in order to use psgml. Since psgml installs itself as an HTML mode in Emacs, it depends on sgml-data. Some other packages which also provide SGML DTDs are suggested, like debiandoc-sgml and linuxdoc-sgml.

SGML, a language for encoding the structure of a document, is an ISO standard: ISO 8879:1986 "Information processing - Text and office systems - Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)".

Psgml is a standard package for XEmacs, and thus this package does not install itself for XEmacsen.

Please visit the package's home page at <URL:>

Package version:1.3.2-12


psgml for DEBIAN

I know this package is not for everyone, it is often finicky, but I
found it invaluable to writing correct HTML (and other SGML dtd based

I had to make a change for Debian since /usr/lib/sgml/catalog is really a
symlink for /etc/sgml.catalog; if we get the true name of the file, then
the sgml data should lie under /etc/*, bur in reality it lie


This is the READ ME file for psgml.el version 1.3.2.       -*- outline -*-

This is an ALPHA release. 

* User interface changes

** Rename sgml-general-dtd-info to sgml-describe-dtd. Keep old name as

** Made menus compact, only one top level menu.

** Added new function sgml-show-structure (C-c C-s)
(May need latest emacs version (22))

** Changed C-c C-t to sgml-show-current-element-


psgml (1.3.2-12) unstable; urgency=low

  * Updated to include emacs23. (Closes: #541852).
  * Updated psgml{,-api}.texi and regenerated info files in order to put
    info into Emacs category of Info instead of Miscellaneous.
  * Updated Standards-Version to, no changes required.

 -- Neil Roeth <>  Sun, 16 Aug 2009 17:49:30 -0400

psgml (1.3.2-11) unstable; urgency=low



2005-03-02  Lennart Staflin  <>

	* psgml.el (sgml-mode-map): bind C-c C-s to ne


This package was debianized by Manoj Srivastava on
Sun, 16 Feb 1997 00:41:51 -06

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