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Spell-Checker Oriented Word Lists

The SCOWL is a collection of word lists organized by word popularity, language, word class, and other factors. These lists can be combined in various ways (or used individually) for spell checking and similar purposes.

The Debian wamerican*, wbritish*, and wcanadian* wordlist packages are built from (appropriate collections of) these same lists. Install one (or more) of those packages if you want a comprehensive word list; install scowl if you (also) want to pick and choose the pieces that comprise those lists.

You can learn more about SCOWL (and other English word lists) at

Package version:7.1-1


$Id: README.Debian,v 1.2 2003/06/17 04:09:49 david Exp $

The Debian English word lists (wamerican*, wbritish*, wcanadian*) and
the Debian "scowl" package are all built from the upstream SCOWL
word lists.  See this package's copyright file for more details
about SCOWL.

The Debian scowl package installs the raw SCOWL "final/" word lists
into /usr/share/dict/scowl/.
See /usr/share/doc/scowl/README 


Spell Checking Oriented Word Lists (SCOWL)
Revision 7.1 (SVN Revision 161)
January 6, 2011
by Kevin Atkinson (

The SCOWL is a collection of word lists split up in various sizes, and
other categories, intended to be suitable for use in spell checkers.
However, I am sure it will have numerous other uses as well.

The latest version can be found at



scowl (7.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
    - Move dieing to english-words.80 (Closes: #515896)
    - Modularises is in english-words.80 (Closes: #634824)
  * Remove uniprocessorunix, thanks to Dean Menezes (Closes: #530456)
  * afterward and afterwards are both perfectly legitimate english words;
    add them to english-words.10 (Closes: #564032)
  * Add unices, unixen to ha


This package was debianized by David Coe <>
on Sun, 15 Jun 2003.

SCOWL (Spell Chec

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