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HTML to PostScript converter (Tcl/Tk GUI frontend)

This program converts HTML directly to PostScript. The HTML code can be retrieved from one or more URLs or local files, specified as parameters on the command line. A comprehensive level of HTML is supported, including inline images, CSS 1.0, and some features of HTML 4.0.

This package provides an (outdated) GUI frontend to the html2ps converter.

This is our justification for the suggests list:

We suggest weblint-perl because it is the default method for checking HTML syntax (see Operations | Preferences).

We suggest lpr because it is the default printing command (see Operations | Preferences).

We suggest mime-support because see is the default command used to open the postscript viewer (see Operations | Preferences).

We suggest postscript-viewer because this package generates postscripts which can be viewed with postscript-viewer (see Operations | Preferences).

Package version:1.0b7-1


The Perl script html2ps converts HTML to PostScript. You must have
Perl 5 installed to be able to use html2ps.

Files included in the html2ps distribution:

  html2ps          - The Perl script.
  html2ps.html     - An HTML document describing html2ps.
  html2ps.1        - A manual page describing the command.
  html2psrc.5      - A manual page describing the configuration file format.


xhtml2ps for Debian

The default command for viewing a postscript document from xhtml is
now "see" from the mime-support package. This will launch a postscript
viewer according to the mailcap entry for application/postscript.

 -- Ralf Treinen <>, Sat, 20 Oct 2007 22:48:38 +0200


html2ps (1.0b4-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * As of this version, the html2ps package doesn't include the contributed
    xhtml2ps GUI frontend anymore. Please install the new xhtml2ps package if
    you need it.

 -- Florian Ernst <>  Mon,  5 Dec 2005 17:47:13 +0100


html2ps (1.0b7-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New maintainer. (Closes: #407652)
  * New upstream rele


Brief history:

  941212 0.1   - First public release - text-only documents.
  950407 0.2   - Inline


Name: html2p

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