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keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback tables for console-tools

This package provides the standard data files for the Linux console tools.

This includes keyboard definitions (keymaps), console fonts for various encodings, maps defining the standard charsets for use by text applications, and fallback tables allowing to approximate an unavailable character's glyph with the glyph of another character in the current font.

Package version:2:1.10-9


This is the SVN experimental branch for console-data development.

Please note that console-data will be re-merged with kbd in the next
Debian release; unless serious proposals and development occur,
console-data will be removed from Debian Etch; development in this
trunk will be limited to changes that can easily be ported to kbd.

This release removes all conflicts with 'kbd' from console-data a


 The Agafari ethiopic fonts from the source package were not included
because it's a bit unclear whether they should be distributed. Please
use Goha or GohaClassic if you want the Ethiopic script.
 See /usr/share/doc/console-data/fonts/README.Ethiopic for details.

The keymap is loaded very early during the booting process.  It has to


16-bit screen-maps:

 16-bit screen-maps are used when the screen is in 8-bit mode (the default),
to define the character-set used by applications, by telling the kernel how
to interpret these 8-bit chars, in fact by telling to which Unicode character
they should be mapped.

 The following files are 16-bit screen maps generated from the file
`UTF-tmpl.8bit', using the `2UTF' prog


The correspondences given in iso0[1-9].sfm are
according to The Unicode Standard, Version 1.0, Vol. 


US International keyboard layout (us-intl.kmap) (2001/08/24)


Fragment of the "readme" file in Joel Hoffman's codepage.tar.Z


Arabic fonts:

iso06.* follows ISO 8859-6 (but does not contain the Arabic digits).
	Only the isolat


Cyrillic fonts:

Type A. Alt

[Reference: codepage 866 (as given in Unicode 1.0, Vol 2, Appendix C).

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