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smartly puts your computer to sleep (suspend to RAM or disk)

The hibernate script helps you in putting your computer to sleep, using one of the various methods available in the kernel.

Hibernate can take care of loading and unloading modules, provides various hacks needed to get some video cards to resume properly under X, can optionally restart networking and system services, and basically do whatever else you ask it. It can be extended by writing new "scriptlets" which run at different points during the suspend process.

Currently the script supports all suspend mechanisms available through the /sys/power/state interface (including ACPI suspend and the in-kernel software suspend), as well as Software Suspend 2 (

Package version:1.99-1.1


hibernate for Debian

Patches for Suspend2 which apply to vanilla (non-Debian) kernels can be
obtained from the upstream web site at

Those who prefer to run Debian kernels (compiled from the sources in the
kernel-source-2.6.x packages) won't be able to use these patches, due to the
changes in the Debian kernels and the invasiveness of the suspend2 pat


The hibernate-script package offers a utility that performs all the preparatory
steps to suspending your machine, invoking the desired suspend method (either
one of the suspend-to-disk variants, or suspend-to-RAM), and restoring your
machine on resume.

A kernel with suspend support of some variety. The currently supported options
 - Software Suspend 2 - kernel pat


Caveats for XFS users

The XFS filesystem has some serious limitations when it comes to
synchronisation of buffers with the hard media (see

If you are using Grub and /boot/grub is on an XFS filesystem, it is very
likely that your system will dump you into the Grub prompt during resume,
instead of just booting the kernel to be used for the resu


hibernate (1.90-1) unstable; urgency=low

  This version of hibernate introduces significant changes


HIBERNATE.CONF(5)                                  HIBERNATE.CONF(5)

       hibernate.conf -


HIBERNATE(8)                                            HIBERNATE(8)

       hibernate  -  sa


hibernate (1.99-1.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Fix init.d LSB headers: h


1.99 (1 May 2008) 
 - Complete support for the new binary signature
 - Blacklist uvcvideo for now. C

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