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Collection of map icons (classic set)

This package provides a set of icons intended to be used together with maps. Several point-of-interest categories are covered like accommodation, education, food, health, geocache, places, religion, shopping, etc.

This package contains the classic set from the OpenStreetMap project.

Package version:1:0.0.svn27763-1


This is the general OSM Map-Icons directory. 
All the icons in these directories have to get an 
entry into the map-features.xml file. So we have one common 
place for all icons used for drawing maps.

Discussions showed that probably the best Licence for all the 
icons would be a PD-Style Licence. Because this wouldn't interfeer
with any use which is planned. So we expect new icons inserted here




Some icons collections (japan and nickw) have been removed from the package
because of unclear license terms.

-- Giovanni Mascellani <>


# README.icons
# $Id: README.icons 1204 2007-01-11 13:16:56Z dse $

This should give you a short information about the icons here.
As these structure was originally designed for GpsDrive, maybe not all icons
may be of use for all maps or other osm applications.

The master file here is "icons.xml", which should hold all the necessary data
about the icons POI-types and other objects, including 


openstreetmap-map-icons (1:0.0.svn27763-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New SVN snapshot
  * Standards


Upstream-Author: Joerg Oste

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