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optional correlation data for weather-util search feature

This package provides precomputed lookup tables used by the weather utility in the weather-util package when performing searches for proximal weather data. The included tables consist of great arc positional correlations between IATA/FAA (International Air Transport Association and USA Federal Aviation Agency) airport codes, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) weather station codes, NWS (USA National Weather Service) alert/forecast zones, FIPS (USA Federal Information Processing Systems) location codes, USA Census Bureau Gazeteer place names and ZCTAs (USA Census ZIP Code Tabulation Areas). These tables can also be automatically rebuilt from updated public sources using the weather utility in the weather-util package.
Package version:2.0-1


weather-util (2.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (closes: #663486)
  * Updated to latest standards version (3.9.3)
  * Updated debian/copyright Format field
  * Added new public-domain files to debian/copyright
  * Patched weatherrc with FHS-compliant paths
  * Built additional weather-util-data package
  * Switched from deprecated python-support to dh_python2
  * Made weather.


2012-06-26 00:48:37 UTC  Jeremy Stanley  <>

	* Release 2.0: Heavy rewrite with too many new features to enumerate
	here in the ChangeLog file.

	* NEWS: List of important changes since 1.x releases.

	* weather, Implemented support for Python 3000 as
	requested by ptchinster on behalf of Arch Linux, conditions/forecast
	searches by latitude/longitude requested by Bran


Upstream-Name: weather
Upstream-Contact: Jeremy Stanley <>

Files: *
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2006-2012 Jeremy Stanley <>
License: ISC
  Weather License
 The weather project employs the ISC license, a perm

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