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Debian-Installer loader for win32

This package provides a win32 program that can be used as a loader for Debian Installer, acting as a more user-friendly boot mechanism than traditional BIOS-based boot.

This package contains both the cdrom/usb-disk add-on that starts a media-based install and the standalone netboot loader.

Package version:0.6.21+squeeze0


win32-loader (0.6.21+squeeze0) stable; urgency=low

  The "GPL compliance" release.

  * Add a dpkg-distaddfile byhand call to install win32-loader-
    standalone.exe as tools/$(SUITE)/win32-loader.exe on the mirrors.
  * Document which packages in which versions are embedded in the
    standalone flavour.
  * Add acknowledgement to NSIS in the companion text file.
  * Include version number in t


Thanks to:

- Oliver Mattos <>, for ideas and inspiration from his setup-ubuntu.nsi.
- The GCC project, for 64-bit detection code.
- Nullsoft, for creating such a wonderful install system, and releasing it as free software.
- The hackers at #nsis ( for advice in NSIS scripting.
- Amir Szekely <> for LogicLib patch and other cleanup.
- Ryan


This is win32-loader, written and maintained by Robert Millan <>
on Fri, 18 May 2007 18:34:48 +0200.

The original source can always be found at:

Copyright (C) 2007,2008,2009 Robert Millan
Copyright (C) 2010 Didier Raboud


  This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
  it under the terms of t

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