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Horde photo management application

Ansel is a full featured photo management application. With it, you can create any number of galleries and subgalleries, share galleries among other Horde users or even make them public. You can upload images either one at a time, as a zip archive, or even upload them via Windows XP's "Publish to Web" functionality. You can browse your images, download originals, view galleries as a slideshow, add comments to images, send an 'ecard' to a friend, and more. You can crop, resize and perform other image manipulation functions.

Ansel supports photo and gallery tagging, face detection, EXIF auto rotate, gallery themes, thumbnails, RSS, and more.

Package version:1.1+debian0-1


ansel1 for Debian

To configure this package use the horde3 web configuration. To let
it write to the configuration files you have to change the owner
of the /etc/horde/ansel1 dir and config files to be owned by www-data.

If you do not do that you have to cut from the web configuration
program and paste into the config file yourself.

The reason why this is not the default optio


What is Ansel?

:Last update:   $Date: 2008-10-29 22:44:31 $
:Revision:      $Revision: $

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Ansel is the Horde photo management application. It makes use of the Horde frame
work and integrates with other Horde applications. Ansel is nearing 1.0 quality,
but is not yet officially released software. It can be obtained by downloadin


see horde/po/README


 * Release focus. Possible values (multiple possible with arrays):
 * Horde_Release::FOCUS


ansel1 (1.1+debian0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Initial release (Closes: #527286)
  * Removing cro



[mjr] Fix a bug that caused a SQL error on some RDBMS (Bug #8610).
[mjr] Add autocom


 Ansel Development TODO List

:Last upda


This package was debianized by:

    Mathieu Parent <> on Wed, 06 May 2009 08:3

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Download ansel1_1.1+debian0-1_all.deb

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