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Generic Syntax Highlighter

GeSHi aims to be a simple but powerful highlighting class, with the following goals:

* Support for a wide range of popular languages * Easy to add a new language for highlighting * Highly customisable output formats

GeSHi aims to do this all as quickly as possible. Many customisable features of GeSHi facilitate speed increases, and you can easily find a balance between the amount of highlighting done and the speed in which it is done.

Package version:


        GeSHi - GEneric Syntax HIghlighter

Author:          Nigel McNie, Benny Baumann
Email: ,
GeSHi Website:

GeSHi is a generic syntax highlighter, written in PHP. You simply
input the source code you wish to highlight with the language


geshi ( testing-security; urgency=high

  * Fixed infinite loop on some input.
    Thanks to Nico Golde for investigating on the issue.
  * Security update, fix SA32559:
  "A vulnerability has been reported in GeSHI, 
   which can potentially be exploited by malicious 
   people to compromise a vulnerable system.

   The vulnerability is caused due to an unspecified 
   error, wh


              CHANGES - Changelog for GeSHi (geshi.php only)

Changes to the code are listed under the version they occured in, with who suggested
it by each one (if there's nobody listed as suggesting it I dreamed it up :)). Users
who suggested an idea often also provided the code that was used as a basis for the
changes - thanks to all who suggested these ideas and gave me the code to sho


       TODO - List of things to do as of 2005/01/29

Suggestions for things to add are welcome, 


             THANKS - List of credits for GeSHi

I owe these people/groups my thanks for help wi


This package was debianized by Romain Beauxis <> on
Tue, 11 Jul 2006 18:28:17 +0


                      BUGS - list of known bugs in GeSHi
                               Version 1

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