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Extensible wiki

Sputnik is a wiki written in Lua. It is also a platform for building a range of wiki-like applications, drawing on Lua's strengths as an extension language.

Out of the box Sputnik behaves like a wiki with all the standard wiki features: editable pages, protection against spam bots, history view of pages, diff, preview, per-page-RSS feed for site changes.

At the same time, Sputnik is designed to be used as a platform for a wide range of "social software" applications. Sputnik stores its data as versioned "pages" that can be editable through the web, and it allows those pages to store any data that can be saved as text (prose, comma-separated values, lists of named parameters, Lua tables, mbox-formatted messages, XML, etc.) While by default the page is displayed as if it carried Markdown-formatted text, the way the page is viewed (or edited, or saved, etc.) can be overridden on a per-page basis by over-riding or adding "actions".

The packages provide a wide range of storage modules that may require one of the suggested packages: git, lua5.1-sql-sqlite3, lua5.1-sql-mysql.

The easiest form of deployment is by using the Xavante web server.

Package version:12.06.27-2


This is a short howto to help you to set up a Sputnik wiki.
More infos can be found at .


1. Setting up a Sputnik cgi
2. Configuration Parameters
3. Nice URLs
4. Access control
5. Git backend
6. Sqlite3 backend
7. Using Apache2 as a proxy
8. Using a system wide instance of Xavante

Setting up a Sputnik instance

To create an inst



Sputnik is a wiki/cms written in Lua. It is intended to be primarily used
as a web application, but could also be accessed programmatically.
See for more information.  

Sputnik is free / open source software, distributed under the MIT License.
Some optional plugins are distributed under other free software licenses.
See attached LICENSE.txt for mor


sputnik(1)              sputnik documentation             sputnik(1)

       sputnik - utility to create sputnik based cgi or wsapi files

       sputnik make-cgi

       Creates in the current working directory two files:

              suitable  for  the  CGI  and  Fast  CGI protocols (see
              README.Debian for more details)



sputnik (12.06.27-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Doc fixup

 -- Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge@debian.o


Upstream-Name: sputnik

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Download sputnik_12.06.27-2_all.deb

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