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X11 mouse theme with the crystal look&feel

This package contains "Crystal" style mouse cursor themes in four colours (blue, green, white, and grey) as well as green and blue "classic", wherein certain cursors (e.g. the "hand" cursor) are white instead of coloured.

For Each of the above colours there are both right and left handed versions as well as animated and non-animated ones (except for the "classic" themes, which are all animated), for a total of 20 combinations.

Note: Please read /usr/share/doc/crystalcursors/README.Debian to learn how to change the default cursor theme system-wide.

Package version:1.1.1-13


Crystal xcursors by Marco Martin 2003-2004

this is an attempt to make an x cursors theme with the crystal style,
note that this is very unofficial so may have some inconsistencies with
the original crystal icons.

In order to install it simply type "make" and then "make install" in this directory.
This will install all the sets, and the blue one will be used.
If you want use anoter set, if you ha


crystalcursors for Debian

* Installing this package will change your systemwide default cursor theme 
  (per user settings are not affected)!

* howto switch between the available themes:
  As root do:
  	update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme

  now you can pick one theme from the list which will be the new system-wide 
  default cursor theme.
 -- Bastian Ven


crystalcursors (1.1.1-13) unstable; urgency=low

  * New maintainer (Closes: #529434).
  * Do not remove alternatives on upgrade.
  * Delete unused and unnecessary stuff from debian/rules.
  * Add build-indep target.
  * Drop 01-correct-upstreams-makefile.patch: 
    - Pass PREFIX instead of DESTDIR from debian/rules
    - The "all" target should not have "clean" as a prerequisite; the


CrystalCursors 1.1:
this release fixes only the build system, changes includes:
-in left handed them


This package was debianized by:

    Bastian Venthur <>
    on Tue,  9 Aug 2005 18:33

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