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X Keyboard Extension (XKB) configuration data

This package contains configuration data used by the X Keyboard Extension (XKB), which allows selection of keyboard layouts when using a graphical interface.

Every X11 vendor provides its own XKB data files, so keyboard layout designers have to send their layouts to several places. The xkeyboard-config project has been launched at FreeDesktop in order to provide a central repository that could be used by all vendors.

Package version:1.8-2


The core protocol interpretation of keyboard modifiers does not include direct
support for multiple keyboard groups, so XKB reports the effective keyboard
group to XKB-aware clients using some of reserved bits in the state field of
some core protocol events. This modified state field would not be interpreted
correctly by XKB-unaware clients, so XKB provides a group compatibility mapping
which rema


The geometry component of a keyboard mapping specifies primarily the geometry of
the keyboard. It contains the geometry symbolic name and the keyboard geometry
description. The geometry component might also contain aliases for some keys or
symbolic names for some indicators and might affect the set of indicators that
are physically present. Key aliases defined in the geometry component of a


The keycodes component of a keyboard mapping specifies the range and
interpretation of the raw keycodes reported by the device. It sets the keycodes
symbolic name, the minimum and maximum legal codes for the keyboard, and the
symbolic name for each key. The keycodes component might also contain aliases
for some keys, symbolic names for some indicators and a description of which
indicators are phys


The keymap component provides a way how to set up one pre-defined keyboard
mapping from a given set.


This directory lists sets of rules which can be used to obtain an exact XKB


The types component of a keyboard mapping specifies the key types that can be
associated with the va


Notes about the Debian xkb-data package

Support of Apple ke


xkeyboard-config (1.7-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * The current defaults do not enable the tradition

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