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GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)

This is a dummy transitional package that depends on grub-coreboot.
Package version:1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1


This is GRUB 2, the second version of the GRand Unified Bootloader.
GRUB 2 is rewritten from scratch to make GNU GRUB cleaner, safer, more
robust, more powerful, and more portable.

See the file NEWS for a description of recent changes to GRUB 2.

See the file INSTALL for instructions on how to build and install the
GRUB 2 data and program files.

Please visit the official web page of GRUB 2, for 


grub2 (1.96+20090609-1) experimental; urgency=low

  Before this version, grub-efi was 32bit on i386 and 64bit on amd64.
  However, EFI can be 32bit even if you have a 64bit CPU, like in the
  first MacBook models with Core 2 Duo released in late 2006.  Thus,
  grub-efi has been split into grub-efi-amd64 and grub-efi-ia32 which are
  available on both amd64 and i386.
  If you've experienced pro


New in 1.98 - 2010-03-06:

* Multiboot on EFI support.

* Graphical menu support.

* MIPS support.

* Saved default menu entry support, with new utilities `grub-reboot' and

* Unit testing framework.

* Support for multiple terminals.

* Encrypted password support, with a new utility `grub-mkpasswd-pbkdf2'.

* `grub-mkfloppy' removed; use `grub-mkrescue' to create floppy imag


grub2 (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1) stable; urgency=low

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Backport from upstream


2010-08-04  Robert Millan  <>

	Support OpenSolaris in ZFS device resolution.

	* configu


Before working on improving GRUB, it's very important that you
make contact with the core GRUB deve


The following authors assigned copyright on their work to the Free
Software Foundation:

Yoshinori K


GRUB 2 would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of
everybody who was kind enough to

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