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the Network Block Device client

This package contains the client process for the Network Block Device. The Network Block Device is a client/server protocol that emulates a block device (like a hard disk, a floppy, a CD-ROM, ...) over the network, thus giving the system the ability to swap over the network, or to use raw network diskspace for other purposes.

Note, however, that it is not recommended to write to a single networked block device from different clients simultaneously, since that would probably result in data loss; if you want different clients to use the same shared network resource, you don't need the Network Block Device (which, basically, is a Disk Server protocol) but something else, like Sun's Network File System (NFS), or CODA.

Package version:1:2.9.11-3lenny1


Starting with nbd-client 1:2.9.9-3, there's support for running root on
an NBD filesystem. This support works as follows:

- There's only support for initramfs for now. If you need something
  else, patches are welcome...
- Due to a bug in initramfs-tools (#460569), the nbd-client initramfs
  scripts will only work if a working network is connected to eth0, and
  the nbd-server is available throug


nbd (1:2.9.9-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * In order to mount a filesystem on an nbd device, you should now
    specify the option "_netdev" in /etc/fstab, rather than "noauto".
    This way, the regular mount initscripts will take care of mounting
    and unmounting NBD devices, rather than the nbd-client initscript.
    The traditional method of using the "noauto" option will continue to


NBD-CLIENT(8)                                          NBD-CLIENT(8)

       nbd-client  -  connect  to a server running nbd-server(1), to
       use its    exported block device

       nbd-client [ bs=blocksize ] [  timeout=seconds  ]  host  port
       nbd-device [ -sdp ] [ -swap ] [ -persist ]

       nbd-client -d nbd-device

       nbd-client -c nbd-device



nbd (1:2.9.11-3lenny1) oldstable-security; urgency=low

  * Cherry-pick commit 3ef52043861ab16352d49


This package was debianized by Wouter Verhelst <> on
Sat,  5 May 2001 12:24:33 +020

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