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enable higher resolution text modes

This program is designed to greatly improve the normal (EGA-based) text modes on your Linux machine. It uses an Xconfig-like configuration file to set up better looking text modes. (higher resolution, larger font size, higher display refresh...) This is already a big boon on normal 14" displays, and it is an immense difference on larger and better (15" and up) screens. It stems from the idea that it is a real waste of hardware to use EGA text modes on an SVGA-card, which was designed to do much better than that.

This package is mainly of use to people with older hardware that is not adequately supported by the Linux framebuffer drivers. If you abhor 80x25 text modes as much as I do but have a modern CPU and video hardware, then building a kernel with framebuffer support is probably a better option. Some newer video cards are not supported by this package at all (but are supported by the kernel fb drivers)

WARNING: This program will not work on non-VGA based systems. Installing it will not do any harm, but activating the program can.

Package version:1.9-21


Linux/Alpha is the DEC Alpha workstation version of Linux. Since it
basically uses the same hardware concepts as "normal" high-end PC's (PCI
busses, and most have an ISA bus bridge - this is a very smart move from the
Digital engineers), it is conceivable  to run SVGATextMode on them.

Anyone having an Alpha machine, with a PCI-bus based VGA card that is
supported by SVGATextMode, MIGHT (note the


Various notes on svgatextmode for Debian

As of svgatextmode_1.9-16 the default configuration is to use the font
program from the kbd package.  If you must continue to use console-tools
you will need to edit the FontProg setting in etc/Textconfig but since
(after some 6 years) kbd appears to have won the day and console-tools
is planned for removal in Lenny, that probably w


		Information for Tseng Chipset Users

Clock selection problems with some ET4000 boards (from XFree86 documentation)

  XFree86 has some problems getting the clock selection right with some
ET4000 boards when the server is started from a high-resolution text mode.
The clock selectio


Having problems with your ET4000W32 card under XFree86 and SVGATextMode
because the clocks are eit


*                *
*   ! WARNING !  *
*                *








       A small utility by Andries Brouwer ( (the author of the


This directory contains the program vgaset, a program to interactively
set up VGA cards.

As of Marc

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