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report kernel-detected PCI and ECC RAM errors

This package contains the user-space utilities for use with the EDAC kernel subsystem. EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) is a set of Linux kernel modules for handling hardware-related errors. Currently its major focus is ECC memory error handling. However it also detects and reports PCI bus parity errors.

PCI parity errors are supported on all architectures (and are a mandatory part of the PCI specification).

Main memory ECC drivers are memory controller specific. At the time of writing, drivers exist for many x86-specific chipsets and CPUs, and some PowerPC, and MIPS systems.

This package includes shared library with debugging symbols not stripped

Package version:0.16-1


EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) is a set of Linux kernel
modules that handle reporting of hardware-related errors. Currently
these modules mainly handle detection of ECC memory errors for many
x86 and x86-64 chipsets and PCI bus parity errors.

The edac-utils project currently has three components: libedac,
edac-util, and edac-ctl. The libedac library presents a standard
API for reading EDA


Version 0.16.1 (2009-01-30);
 - Fix library version, which should not have gone

Version 0.16 (20080-12-31);
 - Fix out-of-tree builds of edac-utils.
 - Support up to 6 channels with edac-utils and libedac. Applications
    directly linked to libedac will need to be recompiled to take advantage
    of this change.
 - Add DIMM labels for ASUSTeK Computer INC. M3A32-MVP DEL


edac-utils (0.16-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Upstream version 0.16 (closes: #542304) with cherry picked
    fixed for the library versioning from 0.16.1 (tagged upstream
    but not released)
  * Packaging:
   * Udev rules were abandoned upstream (closes: #542308)
   * Adjusted vcs paths in the header
   * Adjusted debian/watch to monitor upstream
   * Boosted policy to 3.8.3
   * -dbg went 


2009-01-30 Mark Grondona <>

	* : tag v0.16.1.

2008-12-31 Mark Grondona <mgrondon


 - Replace label and driver database parsing code with something
   more robust (Probably lex/yacc).


Mark Grondona <>


This package was originally debianized by Tim Small
<> on Thu, 21 Jun 2007 17:21

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