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scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier

Contains the following scripts, dependencies/recommendations shown in brackets afterwards:

- annotate-output: run a command and prepend time and stream (O for stdout, E for stderr) for every line of output - archpath: print tla/Bazaar package names [tla | bazaar] - bts: a command-line tool for manipulating the BTS [www-browser, libauthen-sasl-perl, libnet-smtp-ssl-perl, libsoap-lite-perl, libwww-perl, bsd-mailx | mailx] - build-rdeps: Searches for all packages that build-depend on a given package [dctrl-tools] - chdist: tool to easily play with several distributions [dctrl-tools] - checkbashisms: check whether a /bin/sh script contains any common bash-specific contructs - cowpoke: upload a Debian source package to a cowbuilder host and build it, optionally also signing and uploading the result to an incoming queue [ssh-client] - cvs-debi, cvs-debc: wrappers around debi and debc respectively (see below) which allow them to be called from the CVS working directory. [cvs-buildpackage] - cvs-debrelease: wrapper around debrelease which allows it to be called from the CVS working directory. [cvs-buildpackage, dupload | dput, ssh-client] - cvs-debuild: A wrapper for cvs-buildpackage to use debuild as its package building program. [cvs-buildpackage, fakeroot, lintian, gnupg] - dcmd: run a given command replacing the name of a .changes or .dsc file with each of the files referenced therein - dcontrol: remotely query package and source control files for all Debian distributions. [liburl-perl, libwww-perl] - dd-list: given a list of packages, pretty-print it ordered by maintainer - debc: display the contents of just-built .debs - debchange/dch: automagically add entries to debian/changelog files [libparse-debcontrol-perl, libsoap-lite-perl] - debcheckout: checkout the development repository of a Debian package - debclean: purge a Debian source tree [fakeroot] - debcommit: commit changes to cvs, darcs, svn, svk, tla, bzr, git, or hg, basing commit message on changelog [cvs | darcs | subversion | svk | tla | bzr | git-core | mercurial] - debdiff: compare two versions of a Debian package to check for added and removed files [wdiff, patchutils] - debi: install a just-built package - debpkg: dpkg wrapper to be able to manage/test packages without su - debrelease: wrapper around dupload or dput [dupload | dput, ssh-client] - debsign, debrsign: sign a .changes/.dsc pair without needing any of the rest of the package to be present; can sign the pair remotely or fetch the pair from a remote machine for signing [gnupg, debian-keyring, ssh-client] - debsnap: grab packages from [libwww-perl, libjson-perl] - debuild: wrapper to build a package without having to su or worry about how to invoke dpkg to build using fakeroot. Also deals with common environment problems, umask etc. [fakeroot, lintian, gnupg] - deb-reversion: increases a binary package version number and repacks the archive - dep3changelog: generate a changelog entry from a DEP3-style patch header - desktop2menu: produce a skeleton menu file from a desktop file [libfile-desktopentry-perl] - dget: downloads Debian source and binary packages [wget | curl] - dpkg-depcheck, dpkg-genbuilddeps: determine the packages used during the build of a Debian package; useful for determining the Build-Depends control field needed [build-essential, strace] - diff2patches: extract patches from a .diff.gz file placing them under debian/ or, if present, debian/patches [patchutils] - dscextract: extract a single file from a Debian source package [patchutils] - dscverify: verify the integrity of a Debian package from the .changes or .dsc files [gnupg, debian-keyring, libdigest-md5-perl] - edit-patch: add/edit a patch for a source package and commit the changes [quilt | dpatch | cdbs] - getbuildlog: download package build logs from Debian auto-builders [wget] - grep-excuses: grep the update_excuses.html file for your packages [libterm-size-perl, wget, w3m] - licensecheck: attempt to determine the license of source files - list-unreleased: searches for unreleased packages - manpage-alert: locate binaries without corresponding manpages [man-db] - mass-bug: mass-file bug reports [bsd-mailx | mailx] - mergechanges: merge .changes files from a package built on different architectures - mk-build-deps: Given a package name and/or control file, generate a binary package which may be installed to satisfy the build-dependencies of the given packages. [equivs] - namecheck: Check project names are not already taken. - nmudiff: mail a diff of the current package against the previous version to the BTS to assist in tracking NMUs [patchutils, mutt] - plotchangelog: view a nice plot of the data in a changelog file [libtimedate-perl, gnuplot] - pts-subscribe: subscribe to the PTS for a limited period of time [bsd-mailx | mailx, at] - rc-alert: list installed packages which have release-critical bugs [wget] - rmadison: remotely query the Debian archive database about packages [wget | curl, liburi-perl] - suspicious-source: output a list of files which are not common source files [python-magic] - svnpath: print svn repository paths [subversion] - tagpending: runs from a Debian source tree and tags bugs that are to be closed in the latest changelog as pending. [libsoap-lite-perl] - transition-check: Check a list of source packages for involvement in transitions for which uploads to unstable are currently blocked [libwww-perl, libyaml-syck-perl] - uscan: scan upstream sites for new releases of packages [libcrypt-ssleay-perl, libwww-perl, unzip, xz-utils] - uupdate: integrate upstream changes into a source package [patch] - what-patch: determine what patch system, if any, a source package is using [patchutils] - whodepends: check which maintainers' packages depend on a package - who-uploads: determine the most recent uploaders of a package to the Debian archive [gnupg, debian-keyring, wget] - wnpp-alert: list installed packages which are orphaned or up for adoption [wget] - wnpp-check: check whether there is an open request for packaging or intention to package bug for a package [wget] - wrap-and-sort: wrap long lines and sort items in packaging files [python-debian]

Also included are a set of example mail filters for filtering mail from Debian mailing lists using exim, procmail, etc.

Package version:2.12.4~bpo60+1


@packagename@ for Debian

This package has the sole purpose of installing packages required for
building the Debian package indicated by its name; it does so by
depending on these packages:


It was generated by the mk-build-deps program from the information in
the Build-Depends field(s) of the source package.

@packagename@ can be safely removed after the package it was created for


README for Debian devscripts package

Devscripts provides several scripts which may be of use to Debian
developers.  The following gives a summary of the available scripts --
please read the manpages for full details about the use of these
scripts.  They are contributed by multiple developers; for details of
the authors, please see the code or manpages.



devscripts (2.11.9) unstable; urgency=low

  The default for mk-build-deps --tool option/MKBUILDDEPS_TOOL configuration
  changed from "apt-get" to "apt-get --no-install-recommends".

 -- James McCoy <>  Sun, 17 Jun 2012 22:56:26 +0200

devscripts (2.11.7) unstable; urgency=low

  The heuristic used to determine what action to perform when no options are
  given to debchange now


CVS-DEBC(1)                                              CVS-DEBC(1)

       cvs-debrelease  -


DEBRELEASE(1)                                          DEBRELEASE(1)

       debrelease - Enca


LIST-UNRELEASED(1)                                LIST-UNRELEASED(1)

       list-unreleased -


CVS-DEBC(1)                                              CVS-DEBC(1)

       cvs-debrelease -


DEBRELEASE(1)                                          DEBRELEASE(1)

       debrelease - a w

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