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Chroot Pluggable Authentication Module for PAM

This package includes a special (but not thoroughly tested) PAM module to provide chrooted (restricted) environments for users. The module tries to provide a transparent wrapper around the average user, one that puts them in a fake file-system (eg, their '/' is really /some/where/else).

In order to setup this environment in Debian please read the README.Debian as well as the detailed example provided in /usr/share/doc/libpam-chroot/examples

Package version:0.9-4.1


libpam-chroot for Debian

This package has not been thoroughly tested by Debian (security wise),
however, it is provided in the hope that it will be useful for some

RedHat distributes a module along with its PAM modules
(last I looked version 0.74) however the source code is not the same
(but might be derived from the same base).

To use this m


This is a sample configuration for the pam_chroot module.

In order to make this work you need to: 

1.- use to create a directory in which
the user will be chrooted (let's call it CHROOTDIR)
A sample layout like the one it creates is provided in the
chrooted-directory-tree.txt file

WARNING! Make sure to have an open console in which to
become superuser in case you mangle the 


libpam-chroot (0.9-4.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * NMU
  * Merge changes back from Ubuntu (thanks to Matthias Klose)
    - Remove unused variable `name'. Closes: #625374. LP: #831203.
    - Revert:
      + Build with -fno-stack-protector fix FTBFS
    - Link with gcc.
  * Lintian cleanups:
    - Add ${misc:Depends}
    - Add initial build-arch and build-indep rules
    - Update Standard-Version (n


This package was debianized by Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Peña
<> on Wed,  1 May 200

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Download libpam-chroot_0.9-4.1_amd64.deb

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