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Multi-player classic aerial combat simulation

A multiplayer aerial combat simulation. Players engage in air to air combat against one another using heat seeking missiles and cannons.

Main features include: * Simulation with 6 degrees of freedom. * Structural limit to the vertical positive/negative load. * Classic instruments, navigation and head-up display (HUD). * Several aircraft models implemented, both civil and military. * Two scenes provided, with many runways and radio stations.

acm runs under the X window system. This version of acm is implemented as a distributed simulation. It communicates information via the IEEE Distributed Interactive Simulation protocol.

Package version:5.0-28


Version 5.0 of this package was put together by Phil Brooke
<>, from sources obtained from:

The upstream source tarball was repackaged to remove a single bogus
entry that caused problems with the packaging tools.

libgdbmg1-dev is needed for a clean compile from source to avoid a
problem with sdbm.

Re: bug 143297: There is a


ACM Flight Simulator,  revision 5.0

What is ACM?

ACM is a LAN-oriented, multiplayer aerial combat simulation.  The main design
objective was to provide source code that could be easily compiled and
executed on a wide variety of platforms.  To that end, acm is written entirely
in C, exploiting the programming features of Unix, X11, and the BSD socket
interface.  A Windows/95 version


ACM(6)                                                        ACM(6)

       acm - an aerial combat simulator for X

       acm [ options ]

       acm  is a distributed air combat simulator that runs on the X
       window system.  Players can engage in simultaneous air combat
       from  different  Unix workstations.  Players fly jet aircraft
       equipped with rad


acm (5.0-28) unstable; urgency=low

  * Merging revised description from 5.0-27ubuntu2 (closes: 5888


- Stop segfault when firing cannon with option -simx and no SIM/x
  server is available.

- Document


Upstream Author: Riley Rainey <>

Version 5.0 of this package was put

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