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GNU R platform-independent basic-statistics GUI

This package provides a simple GUI, based on the GNU interface to Tcl/Tk, that is suitable for teaching introductory statistics.
Package version:1.8-4-1


Changes to Version 1.8-4

  o Fixes to Italian translation (from Stefano Calza).
  o Updated Korean translation (courtesy of Shin Jong-Hwa).
  o Fixed bug in numSummary() that surfaced when only one quantile was specified (reported by Peter B. Mandeville).
  o Titles for sets of check boxes now left-aligned (suggestion of Milan Bouchet-Valat).
  o Fix to Spanish translation (


rcmdr (1.8-4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release

  * debian/control: Set Build-Depends: to current R version
  * debian/control: Change Depends to ${R:Depends}
  * debian/control: Set Standards-Version: to current version 

 -- Dirk Eddelbuettel <>  Wed, 11 Apr 2012 15:41:51 -0500

rcmdr (1.8-3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release

 -- Dirk Eddelbuettel 


Version 0.5-0: initial version in package form

Version 0.6-0

    o Rather than being hard-wired, menus are now configured in the menus/Rcmdr-menus.txt file and can be modified or supplemented by the user (suggested by Frank Harrell).

    o Allow font-size selection via options("Rcmdr.fontsize") for text in the log window.

    o Set pager to tkpager (suggested by Martin Maechler).



This is the Debian GNU/Linux r-cran-rcmdr package of Rcmdr, a
platform-independent basic statistics 

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