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vector-based drawing program

Inkscape loads and saves a subset of the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format, a standard maintained by the WWW consortium.

Inkscape user interface should be familiar from CorelDraw and similar drawing programs. There are rectangles, ellipses, text items, bitmap images and freehand curves. As an added bonus, both vector and bitmap objects can have alpha transparency and can be arbitrarily transformed.

Inkscape supports multiple opened files and multiple views per file. Graphics can be printed and exported to png bitmaps.

Some of the import and export features are provided using the packages dia, libwmf-bin, pstoedit, skencil, imagemagick, and perlmagick.

Other extensions use ruby, libxml-xql-perl, python-numpy, and python-lxml. You must have these packages to make full use of all extensions and effects.


Package version:0.46-2.lenny2


Inkscape. Draw Freely.

Inkscape is an open source drawing tool with capabilities similar to
Illustrator, Freehand, and CorelDraw that uses the W3C standard scalable
vector graphics  format (SVG). Some supported SVG features include
basic shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, alpha blending, transforms,
gradients, and grouping. In addition, Inkscap


This directory is for the official Inkscape-related clipart:
Inkscape logo, banners, promotional graphics, etc.

This is not for general-purpose SVG clipart. For that, there are
several excellent sources: has thousands of public domain clipart images
in SVG has thousands of free
encyclopedic images in SVG, many of them usable 


This directory contains some example SVG files created
with Inkscape. If you have a file which is visually nice and
demonstrates some Inkscape features (not covered by the 
existing examples) in an interesting way, please submit it
to the developers.


This new folder is part of the Inkscape 0.38 directory reorganization. Please place the appropriate 


The Inkscape icons are read from the file 'icons.svg' that


This was Inkscape's original icon set from the initial release through the 0.43 release.
To use it,


This is the directory with the Inkscape color palettes. 
They are in Gimp format (.gpl). Within Inks


This is the directory with Inkscape's stock patterns. They are
stored in the defs of the SVG documen

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