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PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image optimising utility

pngquant is a command-line conversion utility to quantize and dither truecolor PNG images, especially those with a full alpha channel, down to 8-bit (or smaller) RGBA-palette PNGs. Such images are usually two to four times smaller than the full 32-bit versions, and partial transparency is preserved quite nicely. This makes pngquant especially useful both for Web sites and for PlayStation 2 development, where one of the texture formats is RGBA-palette-based (though not PNG-compressed). This is the same technique used for many of the images on the Miscellaneous Transparent PNGs page (, and the results are often indistinguishable from the original, truecolor PNG images.

Optimizers (like pngcrush and optipng) optimize the compression, usually losslessly, while pngquant quantizes colors down to 256 (or fewer) distinct RGBA combinations, which is lossy.

Package version:1.0-4.1


                 pngquant version 1.0 of 5 April 2002

pngquant is a simple tool with one purpose:  convert 32-bit RGBA PNGs into
8-bit RGBA-palette PNGs (or fewer than 8 bits, if you want), via quantization
and either ordered or diffusion (Floyd-Steinberg) dithering.  The fact that
you ca


PNGQUANT(1)                                              PNGQUANT(1)

       pngquant - PNG image optimising utility

       pngquant [ options ] <ncolors> [pngfile [pngfile ...]]
       pngquant [ options ] -map mapfile [pngfile [pngfile ...]]

       Note  that  it's  required  to  specify  the number of colors
       (<ncolors>) or the mapfile. Arguments in square brackets  are



pngquant (1.0-4.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Fix FTBFS: fix format security (Closes: #643459)
  * Fix FTBFS with libpng 1.5: explicit include zlib.h (Closes: #641891)

 -- Simon Paillard <>  Fri, 18 Nov 2011 00:04:47 +0100

pngquant (1.0-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix watch file (Closes: #450009);
  * Updated Standards-Version to 3.7.3 (no changes


version 1.0
 - cleaned up Makefile.unx (better gcc optimizations, "clean" target)
 - re


This package was debianized by Nelson A. de Oliveira <> on
Thu,  3 Mar 2005 22:29:03

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