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yaWP's data engines (Ions) for different weather services

yaWP is a nice and simple plasmoid for KDE 4.x to show the weather forecast, works with different weather sources, you can configure it to show several days in advance, to display the current satellite image and it is also possible to keep track of multiple cities.

This package contains the data engines, which are part of yaWP. At the moment these are Ions for the following services: * AccuWeather * Google Weather Service * Weather Underground (Wunderground)

Package version:0.3.5-1


plasma-widget-yawp (0.3.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  The "Elite Vanguard" release.

  * New upstream release, including:
    - Fix of a potential legal issue, and
    - several data-handling issues (e.g. pressure and sunset/-rise).
  * debian/rules:
    - Removed override_dh_strip and added --dbg-package to general dh
    - Made (almost all) overrides --parallel aware.
  * debia


yawp (0.3.5)

  * Fix compilation error on KDE 4.5.2
  * Patching ions to work with new weather-data-engine, thanks to Raymond Wooninck
  * Fixing legal issues (The source code of the standard ions used as the base)
  * Ion is checking state of pressure, instead of just coping the data
  * Fix issues with sunrise/sunset
  * Prefer millimeters of mecrcury to torr on KDE 4.5
  * Fix KDE version chec


This package was debianized by:

    Kai Wasserbäch <> on Thu, 21 May 2009 14:12:41 +0200

It was downloaded from:


Upstream Authors:

    Shawn Starr <>
    Pierpaolo Vittorini <>
    Mari√°n Kyral <>
    Ezequiel Aguerre <ezeaguerre@gmail

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