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new canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D library

GooCanvas is a new canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D library for drawing. It has a model/view split, and uses interfaces for canvas items and views, so you can easily turn any application object into canvas items.

This package contains the development libraries, include files and documentation

Package version:0.13-1


			   Welcome to GooCanvas

	         (a cairo-based canvas widget for GTK+)

         GooCanvas Home Page :

GooCanvas is similar in many ways to GnomeCanvas and FooCanvas.
But it uses cairo for rendering, has an optional model/view split,
and uses interfaces for items & models (so you can easily turn any


GooCanvas 0.13	(Nov 30 2008)

 o New GooCanvasGrid item for drawing grids on the canvas.
 o Support for static items that don't move as the canvas is zoomed
   and scrolled (this is a bit experimental).
 o Font hinting is not turned off any more - this means smaller text should
   be more readable. Hopefully it doesn't affect text layout.
 o Fixed a few GooCanvasTable drawing bugs.


goocanvas (0.13-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Upstream Version (Closes: #507077)
  * Update debian/10_relibtoolize patch.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0. No changes needed. 

 -- Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <>  Sun, 07 Dec 2008 17:18:43 +0100

goocanvas (0.12-0ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (LP: #272222)
    - Use the tables' fill and stroke colors to


2008-11-30  Damon Chaplin  <>

	* Released GooCanvas 0.13

2008-11-19  Damon Chaplin 


NOTE: I am no longer actively developing GooCanvas, so no major new
features will be added (unless 


Damon Chaplin <>


This package was debianized by Sebastien Bacher <> on
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:47:12 +02

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