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Library of various useful C++ code

libwibble collects the foundation code that has been used over time in various C++ projects by Peter Rockai and Enrico Zini, so that it can be maintained properly and in a single place.

The code has minimal dependencies, a test suite, and can be used either as an external library or embedded in projects based on either cmake or autotools.

The library contains: * an exception hierarchy; * various useful mixin classes; * shortcuts for set operations; * a featureful self-documenting commandline parser that also supports cvs/svn-style subcommands; * two different unit-testing system, a tut-based and a custom one; * a non-intrusive polymorphic envelope; * a logging system; * string functions, like splitting, path manipulation, regular expressions and word wrapping; * system functions, like directory iteration, file manipulation, process control, thread functions; * gregorian calendar operations.

Package version:0.1.28-1.1


To configure libwibble:

 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake ..

 You can use "ccmake .." instead of "cmake .." to get an interactive interface
 for selecting configuration parameters.

To build libwibble:


To install libwibble:

 make install


This package provides only a static library, compiled with -fPIC.

This is because the library consists mostly of templates, and we are not in a
position of guaranteeing ABI stability over upgrades.

The library code may, however, be used in code with bindings to various
scripting languages, as is the case with libept or libbuffy.  Since most
scripting languages (like Perl or Python) need bindings


wibble-test-genrunner(1)                    wibble-test-genrunner(1)

       wibble-test-genrunner - Code generator for wibble testsuites.

       wibble-test-genrunner header <file>

       wibble-test-genrunner main <files>

       The  program  generates .cpp files that are then compiled and
       linked into a test program for  running  tests  from  .test.h


libwibble (0.1.28-1.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non maintainer upload.
  * Fix build failure with 


This package was debianized by Enrico Zini <> on
Sun Apr 30 22:17:29 CEST 2006.


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