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OpenAL Utility Toolkit

freealut is a free implementation of OpenAL's ALUT standard. ALUT is a set of portable functions which remove the annoying details of getting an audio application started. It is the OpenAL counterpart of what GLUT is for OpenGL.
Package version:1.1.0-2


The freealut library

freealut is a free implementation of OpenAL's ALUT standard. See the file
AUTHORS for the people involved.

Building and installing on *nix-alikes using autotools

To build and run ALUT, you need an OpenAL somewhere (and a sound card, of course
:-). If OpenAL is not installed in a standard place (le


Release 1.1.0 (2006-05-22, tag "freealut_1_1_0")

   * Improved build under Visual Studio (warnings and paths to OpenAL SDK).

   * Added some fragile logic to find the right path to the OpenAL headers.

   * To guarantee version consistency, generate .spec file via configure.

   * Bumped the package version to 1.1.0 and the library version to 1:0:


freealut (1.1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Eddy Petrișor ]
  * removed myself from the Uploaders list

  [ Jon Dowland ]
  * add Homepage: control field to source stanza

  [ Eddy Petrișor ]
  * add missing Vcs-Svn headers

  [ Ansgar Burchardt ]
  * Remove Homepage semi-field from description

  [ Reinhard Tartler ]
  * No longer provide /usr/lib/ It's not needed since dependent


2006-05-22  Sven Panne  <>

	* Prepared release candidate 1 for 1.1.0, tag is "f


Steve Baker <>
  Initial version of the sources and the specification

Sven Pann


This package was debianized by Thierry Reding <> on
Thu, 16 Feb 2006 16:4

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