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ALSA library additional plugins

This package contains plugins for the ALSA library that are not included in the main libasound2 package.

The following plugins are included, among other: - a52: S16 to A52 stream converter - jack: play or capture via JACK - oss: run native ALSA apps on OSS drivers - pulse: play or capture via Pulse Audio - lavcrate, samplerate and speexrate: rate converters - upmix and vdownmix: convert from/to 2 and 4/6 channel streams

ALSA is the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.

Package version:1.0.23-1+b1


Arcam AV Amplifier ALSA Control plugin

This plugin exposes the controls for an Arcam AV amplifier
(see: as an ALSA mixer device.

To use this plugin you will need to connect the amplifier
to the PC using an RS-232 null-modem cable and use the
following ALSA configuration:

	ctl.arcam_av {
		type arcam_av
		port /dev/ttyS0

The "po


JACK <--> ALSA PCM plugin

This plugin converts the ALSA API over JACK (Jack Audio Connection
Kit, API.  ALSA native applications can work
transparently together with jackd for both playback and capture.

	ALSA apps (playback) -> ALSA-lib -> JACK plugin -> JACK deamon
	ALSA apps (capture) <- ALSA-lib <- JACK plugin <- JACK daemon

This plugin provide


The Debian Package osso-dsp-plugin-alsa

Comments regarding the Package

Eduardo Valentin <>, Wed, 5 Apr 2006 10:28:06 +0300

OSSO DSP SW  <--> ALSA DSP plugin

This plugin converts the ALSA API over PCM task nodes protocol. In this way,
ALSA native applications can run over DSP Gateway and use DSP PCM task nodes.



OSS <--> ALSA PCM plugin

This plugin converts the ALSA API over OSS API.  


PulseAudio <--> ALSA plugins

This plugin allows any program that uses 


alsa-plugins (1.0.23-1+b1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for amd64; n


Changelog between 1.0.22 and 1.0.23 releases


This package was debianized by Thomas Hood on 25 March 2005.

Since September 2002 it has been maint

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