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extremely fast and flexible web server - libraries

Cherokee is an extremely fast and flexible web server. It's embedable, extensible with plug-ins. It has handler-to-path, virtual servers, gzip encoding, modular loggers, CGI support, and can run in a chroot environment, among other features.

This is the runtime library

Package version:0.5.5.dfsg-2


		 Where can I find full documentation?

This package comes from the 'cherokee' source package - In order to
avoid repeating the documentation all over the place, we have decided
to put it all in the 'cherokee' binary package. Please install it, you
will find the HTML documentation in /usr/share/doc/cherokee/


cherokee (0.5.5.dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Replaced for, as the official
    website moved.
  * Fixed: Wrong results from some invocations of the initscript,
    notably the "status" target, and a corner case on "stop" (Closes:

 -- Gunnar Wolf <>  Mon, 13 Nov 2006 20:57:44 -0600

cherokee (0.5.5.dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low



2006-09-12  Alvaro Lopez Ortega  <>

	* cherokee/http.c (cherokee_http_code_copy): add missing
	http_request_entity_too_large. In case of unknown status code now
	500 code. Patch by A.D.F.

	* cherokee/buffer.c (cherokee_buffer_cnt_spn,
	cherokee_buffer_cnt_cspn): It is safer if these are functions
	rather than macros. Converted.

	* cget/ (INCLUDES): Fixed minor compil


This package was debianized by Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>
on Wed Oct 1 19:42:03 CEST 20

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