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Scientific plotting library

This package contains two libraries developed by Pavel Sakov, from the CSIRO Marine Research, used in geometry applications:

* libcsirocsa: bivariate Cubic Spline Approximation library * libcsironn: Natural Neighbours interpolation library

The source code for these libraries are part of the plplot source package.

Package version:5.9.0-8


plplot (5.8.0~RC1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * The psttf driver is dropped in this release.  The cairo driver
    provides all of its functionality and will replace it eventually.  The
    plplot9-driver-cairo package has relationships Conflicts/Replaces with
    plplot9-driver-pstff, which should make the transition smoother for
    the users.

 -- Rafael Laboissiere <>  Thu, 01


plplot (5.9.0-8) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Andrew Ross ]
  * debian/rules:
    + Fix use of findstring in debian/rules which prevented java
      building on i386 (closes: #483826)
  * Add dpatches
      12_cmake-2.6-fixes: Fixes build with cmake 2.6 now in sid. This
        patch is taken from svn upstream. (closes: #482236)

  [ Rafael Laboissiere ]
  * debian/ Bump Standards-Version


This package was debianized by Rafael Laboissiere on
Sun Feb 16 18:44:55 CET 2003

It was downloaded from:

Several files were backported from the CVS sources available at:

Below is the copyright notice that comes with the source distribution
(reference to the location 

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