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Java runtime library for use with gcj

This is the runtime that goes along with the gcj front end to gcc. libgcj includes parts of the Java Class Libraries, plus glue to connect the libraries to the compiler and the underlying OS.

To show file names and line numbers in stack traces, the packages libgcj7-dbg and binutils are required.

Package version:4.1.1-20


This is libgcj: the runtime library for gcj, the GNU Compiler for Java. 
libgcj provides a partial implementation of the Java Class Libraries.

libgcj is free software.  See the file LIBGCJ_LICENSE for copying permission.


All documentation, including detailed installation and usage instructions,
can be found on the gcj web pages at this URL:


*** Changes in GCC 4.1:

Core library (libgcj) updates based on GNU Classpath 0.15 - 0.19+

- Networking

* The implementation no longer buffers the
  entire response body in memory.  This means that response bodies
  larger than available memory can now be handled.

- (N)IO

* NIO implementation, fast bulk put implementation for
  DirectByteBuffer (speed


Many people contribute to the GCJ project, and in many different
capacities.  Any omissions to this list are accidental.  Please keep 
this list in alphabetical order.

Robert Abeles
Mark G. Adams
C. Scott Ananian
Mark Anderson
Bonzo Armstrong
Steven Augart
Godmar Back
Stuart Ballard
Scott Bambrough
David Belanger
Jon Beniston
Gary Benson
Mark Benvenuto
Daniel Berlin
Geoff Berry
Alberto Biancardi


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Download libgcj7-0_4.1.1-20_amd64.deb

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