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C bindings for GPIB (IEEE 488) kernel driver -- shared library

The Linux GPIB Package is a support package for GPIB (IEEE 488) hardware. The API of the C library is intended to be compatible with National Instrument's GPIB library.

This package contains the shared library.

Package version:3.2.11-1



	The Linux GPIB Package
		(c) 1994-1996 by C.Schroeter
		(c) 2001-2006 by Frank Mori Hess


This is Linux-GPIB the IEEE-488 card support
package and measurement suite for LINUX.

This version of Linux-GPIB requires a version 2.6.x 
of the Linux kernel. 


gpib (3.2.11-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Ken McIvor]
  * /etc/modprobe.d/gpib no longer invokes gpib_config when modules are loaded
  * Updated gpib.rules to automatically load firmware and run gpib_config
  * Added the gpib_config_wrapper script to wait until udev has created the
    GPIB device files before running gpib_config
  * libgpib-bin.postinst no longer creates GPIB device files
  * lib


2008-08-31 19:10  fmhess

	* [r1506] Bumped version for 3.2.11 release.

2008-08-31 17:00  fmhess

	* [r1505] lib/async.c, lib/ibCmd.c, lib/ibConf.h, lib/ibRd.c,
	  lib/ibWait.c, lib/ibWrt.c: Trying to resolve issues raised in
	  tracker patch 1935704.

2008-08-31 16:03  fmhess

	* [r1504] lib/ibWait.c: Don't block on async operation if CMPL
	  wasn't in wait mask.

2008-08-28 14:20 


cleanup and improve organization of code - lots of work to do here

generally make this software suc


This is an incomplete list of people who have contributed code
and/or documentation to the linux-gpi


This package was debianized by Robert Jordens <> on
Sat Nov 13 01:13:05 CET 2004


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