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core Cernlib library

Cernlib is a suite of data analysis tools and libraries created for use in physics experiments, but also with applications to other fields such as the biological sciences.

The packlib library includes a great deal of Cernlib core functionality. Best-known are probably the MINUIT function minimization routines, the HBOOK histogramming routines, and KUIP (Kit for a User Interface Package). Other subsystems include CSPACK, a set of client-server routines; FFREAD, a format-free input processing system for FORTRAN; and ZEBRA, a data structure management package. This package also includes kuesvr, the KUIP edit server program that permits calling an editor asynchronously from within a KUIP-based program.

Please note that the graphical functionality of KUIP has been split out into the separate Debian package libpacklib1-lesstif so that this package need not depend upon the X libraries. In order to compile and link programs against libpacklib, you must also install the libpacklib1-dev (and maybe also the libpacklib1-lesstif-dev) package(s).

Package version:2005.dfsg-5


Notes on libpacklib1:

1) If you are looking for the Motif-based version of KUIP (Kit for a User
Interface Package), you will find it in the package libpacklib1-lesstif. It was
split out from this package so that users aren't forced to install the
Lesstif and X11 libraries if they only want to use Packlib for a text-based

2) This package includes the kuesvr "edit 


cernlib (2005.05.09-1) unstable; urgency=low

    Please note that many of the dynamic libraries in this release of Cernlib
    have had a soname version increase.  This was necessary because they are
    now linked against the new versions of libblas and liblapack.  As a result,
    the corresponding package names have changed.  I have also taken this
    opportunity to make them more consistent 


KUESVR(1)                                                  KUESVR(1)

       kuesvr - the CERN KUIP edit server

       kuesvr -p pid -c cmd -t tmpfile [ -e editor ] file

       kuesvr is a small program called from KUIP.  (KUIP stands for
       Kit for a User Interface Package; it is part of  the  Packlib
       library  from  CERN.)   kuesvr  allows the user to call


cernlib (2005.dfsg-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Patch 211: Have chkloc() print 64-bit error message


This package was debianized by Kevin B. McCarty <>.
It was downloaded from the we

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