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Portable Windows Library Audio Plugins for the OSS Interface

This package contains the PWLib plugin for usage with the Open Sound System interface. Install this package, if you are utilising this interface..
Package version:1.11.2-2


pwlib-titan (1.11.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Kilian Krause ]
  * Fix debian/watch to use instead of (Closes: #453595)
  * Remove symlinks of unused compatibility versions.
  * Remove entire -ptrace and -debug build and leave only opt build with
    PTRACE code as new binary library. Discussion with Robert Jongbloed
    proved that there's no point shipping any other confi


2007-10-03 22:52  dsandras

	* include/ptlib/msos/ptlib/contain.h, src/ptlib/msos/win32.cxx:
	  Applied patch from Matthias Schneider for mingw compilation.
	  Thanks a lot!

2007-10-03 14:21  rjongbloed

	* samples/hello_world/: helloDLL_2005.vcproj, hello_2005.vcproj:
	  Fixed WM6 output directory

2007-10-03 06:25  csoutheren

	* src/ptlib/common/pvidchan.cxx: Fixed typo

2007-10-03 06:22  csou


This is the Debian GNU/Linux packaged version of PWLib.

The author of this software is Equivalence Pty. Ltd.

Original packaging for Debian by
	Raphael Bossek <> 
Heavily modified by
	Santiago Garcia Mantinan <>
Currently mantained by
	Debian VoIP Team <>

The sources were downloaded from:

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