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Portable Windows Library Video Plugin for Video4Linux v2

This package contains the PWLib plugin for usage with Video4Linux v2 devices. Install this package, if you want to use a video device that is not attached to FireWire.
Package version:1.11.2-2


pwlib-titan (1.11.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Kilian Krause ]
  * Fix debian/watch to use instead of (Closes: #453595)
  * Remove symlinks of unused compatibility versions.
  * Remove entire -ptrace and -debug build and leave only opt build with
    PTRACE code as new binary library. Discussion with Robert Jongbloed
    proved that there's no point shipping any other confi


2007-10-03 22:52  dsandras

	* include/ptlib/msos/ptlib/contain.h, src/ptlib/msos/win32.cxx:
	  Applied patch from Matthias Schneider for mingw compilation.
	  Thanks a lot!

2007-10-03 14:21  rjongbloed

	* samples/hello_world/: helloDLL_2005.vcproj, hello_2005.vcproj:
	  Fixed WM6 output directory

2007-10-03 06:25  csoutheren

	* src/ptlib/common/pvidchan.cxx: Fixed typo

2007-10-03 06:22  csou


This is the Debian GNU/Linux packaged version of PWLib.

The author of this software is Equivalence Pty. Ltd.

Original packaging for Debian by
	Raphael Bossek <> 
Heavily modified by
	Santiago Garcia Mantinan <>
Currently mantained by
	Debian VoIP Team <>

The sources were downloaded from:

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