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Qt widgets library for technical applications (runtime)

The Qwt library contains Qt GUI Components and utility classes which are primarily useful for programs with a technical background. Most of these widgets are used to control or display values, arrays, or ranges of type double.

This package contains the files necessary for running applications that use the Qwt library.

Package version:4.2.0-4


libqwt (4.2.0-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/copyright: refer to /usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL instead of
    including a full copy.
  * Added the Qwt designer plugin to the -dev package (Closes: #302307)

 -- Brian Nelson <>  Sat, 29 Oct 2005 16:25:23 -0700

libqwt (4.2.0-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Renamed libqwt4 to libqwt4c2, and conflict/replace the old on for the


Release 4.2.0/0.4.2

A couple of exceptions to the LGPL with the intention to allow static
linking with commercial applications. See COPYING.

Key features: 
1.  Designer plugin 
2.  Rich Text support ( f.e. E = m * c<sup>2</sup> ) added.
3.  QwtDial class family added (QwtDial, QwtCompass, QwtAnalogClock, ...)
4.  QwtPicker class family added. In


This package was debianized by Brian Nelson <> on Mon, 15 Jul
2002 12:15:01 -0400.

It was downloaded from

Qwt Widget Library
Copyright (C) 1997   Josef Wilgen
Copyright (C) 2002   Uwe Rathmann

Qwt is published under the Qwt License, Version 1.0.

                             Qwt License
                           Version 1.0, January 1, 2003

The Qwt li

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