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synthetic audio and digital effects library

Synthetic Audio Library Software Developers Kit (SEAL SDK) lets you write applications that are able to play digital audio waveforms and music modules on many platforms. It provides low-latency mixing, hardware acceleration and dynamic digital filtering for improved sound quality.

This package contains the libseal1 runtime library.

Package version:1.07-14


Synthetic Audio Library (SEAL) Development Kit
Copyright (C) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 Carlos Hasan
All Rights Reserved

OS/2 Sound Driver Copyright (C) 1998 Martin Amodeo

This 1.0.7 release of the Synthetic Audio Library (SEAL) lets you write
applications that conform to the 1.0 SEAL API which is able to play
digital audio waveforms and music modules on many platforms.

What's New


seal (1.07-14) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Gonéri Le Bouder ]
  * 200_linux_linkage.diff doesn't require linux/config.h anymore, the file
    had been remove (Closes: #428995)
  * Add myself in Uploaders:
  * libseal-dev depends on libseal1 (= ${binary:Version}) instead
    of  (= ${Source-Version})
  * the clean target removes quilt .pc directory

 -- Gonéri Le Bouder <>  Mon,


Release 1.0.7 July 30th, 1999
  - Source code released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Release 1.0.6 December 25th, 1998
  - New API functions ASetAudioMixerValue and AUpdateAudioEx
  - Minor fixes in ENSONIQ SoundScape and Windows Sound System drivers
  - Fixed DJGPP memory protection fault due to page swapping
  - Windows 95 and NT driver thread priority changed
  - Workaroun


This package was debianized by Sam Hocevar <> on
Sat,  9 Dec 2000 01:35:45 +0100.

It was

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