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The Theora Video Compression Codec

Theora is an open video codec being developed by the Foundation as part of their Ogg project (It is a project that aims to integrate On2's VP3 video codec, Ogg Vorbis audio codec and Ogg multimedia container formats into a multimedia solution that can compete with MPEG-4 format). Theora is derived directly from On2's VP3 codec; currently the two are nearly identical, varying only in framing headers, but Theora will diverge and improve from the main VP3 development lineage as time progresses.
Package version:0.0.0.alpha7.dfsg-1.1


          The Foundation's libtheora 1.0alpha7 release

*** What is Theora?

Theora is Xiph.Org's first publicly released video codec, intended
for use within the Foundation's Ogg multimedia streaming system.
Theora is derived directly from On


libtheora (0.0.0.alpha7.dfsg-1.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * NMU
  * Remove draft RFC files, as they are not under a free license.
    Closes: #390665
  * Repackage the source package without these files.
  * Add README.Source documenting how the upstream source is repackages.

 -- Joey Hess <>  Sun, 15 Oct 2006 17:11:31 -0400

libtheora (0.0.0.alpha7-1) unstable; urgency=low



libtheora 1.0alpha7 (2006 June 20)

 - Enable mmx assembly by default
 - Avoid some relocations that caused problems on SELinux
 - Other build fixes
 - time testing mode (-f) for the dump_video example

libtheora 1.0alpha6 (2006 May 30)

 * Merge theora-mmx simd acceleration (x86_32 and x86_64)
 * Major RTP payload specification update
 * Minor format specification updates
 * Fix some spurious cal


Monty <>
	- Original VP3 port

Ralph Giles
Timothy B. Terriberry 
	- Ongoing developme


This package was debianized by Christopher L Cheney <> on
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 21:00:0

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