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metadata database, indexer and search tool - library

This package contains the library that is used by applications to access the Tracker daemon.

Tracker is an advanced framework for first class objects with associated metadata and tags. It provides a one stop solution for all metadata, tags, shared object databases, search tools and indexing.

Package version:0.6.6-2



Tracker is a powerful desktop-neutral first class object database,
tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer. 

Tracker is also extremely fast and super efficient with your systems memory
when compared with some other competing frameworks and is by far the fastest
and most memory efficient Nautilus search and Deskbar backends currently

It consists of a common object d


18th October 
	released 0.5.0

14 May
	Improved support for Fedora Core 5
	Improved EXIF metadata
	Added new File based services

1 May
	Made database more generic
	Upgraded to mysql 5
	Converted DB logic to stored procedures	

28th Mar
	Made Dbus interface more generic	

27th Feb
	Added full support for Inotify with optimisations for detected moves.
	Also updated build system, fixed leaks and im


tracker (0.6.6-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control
    - Add Build-Depends on pkg-config.
    - Add Vcs-* fields.
    - Replace Recommends on o3read with odt2txt.
  * debian/patches/01-secure_tmpdir.patch
    - Use mktemp to create a secure tmpdir for the msword filter.
      Thanks to Jon Dowland for the patch. Closes: #473733
  * Add symbols files for libtrackerclient0 and libtracker-gt


2008-03-02 Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc at gnome org>

	* Lots of minor tweaks
	* make  aplet prefs mor


* support for ignoring diacritics in search (version 0.6.1)
* support for Thunderbird 2 after it's r


Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc at>
Laurent Aguerreche <laurent.aguerreche at free fr>
Luca Ferr


This package was debianized by Michael Biebl <> on
Tue, 28 Nov 2006 20:35:52 +0100.


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