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Collection of video4linux support libraries

libv4l is a collection of libraries which adds a thin abstraction layer on top of video4linux2 devices. The purpose of this (thin) layer is to make it easy for application writers to support a wide variety of devices without having to write separate code for different devices in the same class. libv4l consists of 3 different libraries: libv4lconvert, libv4l1 and libv4l2.

libv4l1 offers the (deprecated) v4l1 API on top of v4l2 devices, independent of the drivers for those devices supporting v4l1 compatibility (which many v4l2 drivers do not).

libv4l2 offers the v4l2 API on top of v4l2 devices, while adding for the application transparent libv4lconvert conversion where necessary.

This package contains the shared libraries.

Package version:0.8.8-3



Linux V4L2 and DVB API utilities and v4l libraries (libv4l).
You can always find the latest development v4l-utils in the git repo: 

v4l libraries (libv4l)

See README.lib for more information on libv4l, libv4l is released
under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The (for now for v4l-utils p


Since v0.8.4 libv4l decodes JPEG and MJPEG picture formats via libjpeg
instead of using the its own tinyjpeg decoder. For cameras delivering
a non-standars stream this leads to non working or flickering video.

An indication might be the following output on stderr:
"libv4l2: error converting / decoding frame data"

libv4l already takes care of some broken cameras by falling back to
the tinyjpeg de


libv4lconvert is not safe for using one convert instance as returned by
v4lconvert_create from multiple threads, if you want to use one v4lconvert
instance from multiple threads you must provide your own locking and make
sure no simultaneous calls are made.

libv4l1 and libv4l2 are safe for multithread use *under* *the* *following*
*conditions* :

* when using v4lx_fd_open, do not make any v4lx_ c



libv4l is a collection of libraries which adds a thin abstraction layer o


v4l-utils (0.8.8-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Mark libv4l-dev Multi-Arch: same (Closes: #678894)



* Utils changes (0.9.x backports)
  * dvb-format-convert: fix argume


libv4l todo:

-don't automatically enable the software effects (awb, gamma) on cameras



This package was debianized by Gregor Jasny <> on
Sun, 27 Jul 2008 11:01:46 +02

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