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fast volume rendering library

VolPack is a software library for fast, high-quality volume rendering with this features: * Renders data sampled on a regular, three-dimensional grid. * Supports user-specified transfer functions for both opacity and color. * Provides a shading model with directional light sources, multiple material types with different reflective properties, depth cueing, and shadows. * Produces color (24 bits/pixel) or grayscale (8 bits/pixel) renderings, with or without an alpha channel. * Supports arbitrary affine view transformations. * Supports a flexible data format that allows an arbitrary C structure to be associated with each voxel.
Package version:1.0b3-2


volpack for Debian

The volpack package might be interesting for Debian-Med and provides
additional functionality for the amide image viewer

The source tarball was rebuilded to enable easy building of dynamically
and statically linked libraries.  The easiest way to do so is to use
automake and libtool.  The patch was forewarde to the author but for
the moment he prefers to stic


                       VolPack version 1.0beta3

Phil Lacroute
16 December 1994

1. Introduction

VolPack is a portable library of fast volume rendering algorithms
that produce high-quality images.

2. Installation

To build the library, do the following:

  A. Type "./configure" in this d


For more detailed information please look at the ChangeLog file

	- Added automake stuff


volpack (1.0b3-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added section: header to source package

 -- Andreas Ti


--------------- Released version 1.0 beta1 ---------------

1. Bug Fix: vpCreateMinMaxOctree caused 


Phil Lacroute
16 December 1994


This package was debianized by Michael Hanke <> on
Fri, 20 Apr 2007 19:37:30 

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