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Virtual Ring Buffer library

The Virtual Ring Buffer (VRB) is an implementation of a character FIFO ring buffer. A ring buffer is a special memory area, because writing beyond the end of it actually results in a write at the beginning. Such a construct comes very handy in applications where one end of a communications channel is required to produce or consume data at a constant rate, but the other end cannot gurantee this. This is a common situation in multimedia applications or Voice-over-IP solutions, for example.

VRB provides direct access to the buffer so the calling program can construct output data in place, or parse input data in place, without the extra step of copying data to or from a calling program provided buffer area, thus provides a highly efficient ring buffer implementation.

Package version:0.5.1-5


This library and associated documentation is:

Copyright � 2002,2006 - by Philip D. Howard - All rights reserved

Author/editor:  Phil Howard

Name:   VRB


As the author of the library, I reserve for myself all rights to the


Vitrual Ring Buffer library for Debian

The -fgnu-linker and -fmove-all-movables compiler options are removed
from configure in order to compile with recent gcc versions (such as
the ones used in Debian) (subject to upstream fix).

The -nostartfiles and -nostdlib compiler options were also removed
from configure so shlibs dependencies can be determined by deb


vrb (0.5.1-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Correctly handle nostip in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS (Closes: #437455)
  * Fixed symbolic link in -dev to point to
    instead of libvrb-0.5.0
  * Converted the pseudo-header field 'Homepage:' into a real header
  * Changed source package name, so it's consistent with upstream
  * Cleaned up debian/rules, discarding useless comments
  * Up


2006-08-02	Phil Howard
	Release 0.5.1
	Fixed configure leaving an extra "O" when using "-


This package was debianized by Székelyi Szabolcs <> on
Mon,  5 Jun 2006 00:41:14 +0200

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