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support files for all Exim MTA (v4) packages

Exim (v4) is a mail transport agent. exim4-base provides the support files needed by all exim4 daemon packages. You need an additional package containing the main executable. The available packages are:

exim4-daemon-light exim4-daemon-heavy

If you build exim4 from the source package locally, you can also build an exim4-daemon-custom package tailored to your own feature set.

The Debian exim4 packages have their own web page, There is also a Debian-specific FAQ list. Information about the way the Debian packages are configured can be found in /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/README.Debian.gz, which additionally contains information about the way the Debian binary packages are built. The very extensive upstream documentation is shipped in /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/spec.txt.gz. To repeat the debconf-driven configuration process in a standard setup, invoke dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config. There is a Debian-centered mailing list, Please ask Debian-specific questions there, and only write to the upstream exim-users mailing list if you are sure that your question is not Debian-specific. You can find the subscription web page on


Package version:4.69-9+lenny4


$Cambridge: exim/exim-doc/doc-txt/README,v 1.3 2007/04/17 13:06:10 ph10 Exp $

Exim Documentation

This directory should contain the following files:

  ChangeLog        most recent log of all changes to Exim
  NewStuff         features that haven't made it to the manual yet,
                   and/or a list of newly-added functionality
  OptionLists.txt  lists of all Exim's opt


Exim 4 for Debian

   Table of Contents

   1. Introduction

        1.1. How to find your way around the Documentation
        1.2. Getting Support
        1.3. Packaging

   2. Configuration of Exim 4 in the Debian packages

        2.1. The Configuration System
        2.2. Using TLS
        2.3. SMTP-AUTH
        2.4. How the Exim daemon is started
        2.5. Miscellaneous 


<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>Exim 4 for Debian</title><meta name="generator" content="DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.73.2"></head><body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="#0000FF" vlink="#840084" alink="#0000FF"><div class="article" lang="en"><div class="titlepage"><div><div><h2 class="title"><a name="id440748"></a>Exim 4 for Debian</h2></d


$Cambridge: exim/exim-doc/doc-txt/README.SIEVE,v 1.11 2007/03/21 15:15:12 ph10 Exp $



$Cambridge: exim/exim-src/README.UPDATING,v 1.16 2007/06/20 14:19:23 ph10 Exp $

This document conta


exim4 (4.69-4) unstable; urgency=low

  In reaction to #475194, the size of the Diffie-Hellman param


$Cambridge: exim/exim-doc/doc-txt/NewStuff,v 1.157 2007/08/23 11:01:49 ph10 Exp $

New Features in E


EXICYCLOG(8)                                            EXICYCLOG(8)

       exicyclog - Cycl

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